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Mini A8 GPRS Tracker Rastreador Veicular Car Kids Pet GSM LBS Tracker Tracking Device With SOS Button for Universal Car A8 Mini Mini A8 GPRS Tracker  Mini Global Real Time GSM/GPRS Tracking Device With SOS ButtonThe GPRS tracker is designed for use in any vehicle to track their location, s..
Ex Tax:৳1,050
1080P High-Definition QUALITY - Best Lens and Image Sensor along with 80 degree wide angle view.Loop recording automatically overwrites oldest files if the memory fills up andBuilt-in 8GB memory that holds up approximately 3-4 hours of video to be recorded.Recorded videos can be played back on PC or..
Ex Tax:৳2,400
32GB Building MemoryRecording Time 2 - 3 hours (when fully charged)All in one -- Mini DV (video recording), DC (photo-taking), USB Drive on an elegant Ballpoint Writing Pen.User-friendly One button operation with LED indicatorReal-time video and audio recording with date and time stampBuilt-in high ..
Ex Tax:৳1,600
Digital video recording function Digital camera function Digital Voice recorder function Its PC camera functions offer easy enjoyment of network lifeNight Vision: The first Watch DVR with IR Night Vision functionFull HD 1080P:True HD 1080P (1920*1280@30fps)High Resolution Photo: 2M 1920*1080 JPEGFas..
Ex Tax:৳2,450
এই ছোট্ট (১ ইঞ্চিরও কম) নাইট ভিশন ক্যামেরাটা দিয়ে আপনি আপনার গাড়ি, মোটরসাইকেল বা সাইকেলে ড্রাইভিং এর প্রতিটি মুহূর্ত রেকর্ড করতে পারবেন> ক্যামেরাটি অন্ধকারেও ভিডিও রেকর্ড করতে পারে> এটি আপনি আপনার ক্যাপে, গাড়ির ড্যাশবোর্ড বা পকেটে খুব সহজে লাগিয়ে রেকর্ড করতে পারবেন> স্কয়ার আকৃতির এই ছোট (১ ..
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Ex Tax:৳1,050
Video files take up disk is very small.Video browsing the connection speed is very fast.Support one thousand people watch online at the same time.Support wireless AP directly and routing connection mode.Becoming increasingly popular with homeowners.More cost effective to install and maintain.You can..
Ex Tax:৳2,350
Resolution 1080PLens 3.6MM 2MP. Mega Pixel Camera Full Night Vision IR Distance 20MAudio Micro Wide Rang 360Micro Memory Card 128GB SupportsPower Input –Dc- 5vWiFi IP Camera..
Ex Tax:৳2,550
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